Interview: Jared Cunningham - Guitarist For “Sing Me Insomia”

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Jared Cunningham is the guitarist for the Virginia based band called “Sing Me Insomnia”. Their new EP titled “No Time To Waste” is on itunes now. Check out his interview below.

What made you become interested in making music?:

I bought the first All American Rejects album when I was 11, and I thought it was sweet, so I wanted to learn to play bass like Tyson. Later, when I saw Freaky Friday, Lindsay Lohan looked pretty hot playing guitar, so I wanted to learn guitar too. I was also inspired by just wanting to be better than my older brother at everything.

If there’s one thing you could eliminate from the music industry what would it be?:

LMFAO. If they disappeared I would lmfao.

Out of all the songs you have made which one is your favorite and why?:

From the songs we’ve released, I’d say Miss Me Now. It’s the most accurate depiction of where we want to go stylistically.

What is one valuable thing you have learned about music in the past year?:

So many bands underestimate the ability they have within their hands to succeed. They want to sign a record deal, and they think that will make them instantly famous. It’s actually much more effective to grow your fan base independently, so that record labels need you more than you need them.

What album do you believed influenced you most and why?:

As I mentioned above, All American Reject’s self-titled album was the first album that really made me want to be in a band. Jimmy Eat World’s albums - Bleed American, Chase this Light, and Clarity. Katy Perry’s music is where we derive a lot of our pop influences from. Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friend, Where You Want to Be, Louder Now, and their self-titled were all probably the most influential to me. I always wanted to be in a band that made songs that infused Taking Back Sunday’s raw, honest rock n’ roll with the pop vibes of Kelly Clarkson or Katy Perry - I think we’re doing just that.

Which three musicians can you identify with most?:

Probably Marshall Cunningham, Wes Beale, and Jordan DePriest. For obvious reasons.

What are your goals for the next year?:

Put out more music, and keep doing what we’re doing, because we’re having a great time doing exactly what we want to do.